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Reason #17 on why the Philippines is awesome: MELODIC LANGUAGE

Our own language (well, Tagalog for that matter) is melodic; that’s why songs in our native language have beautiful resounding tones. Haven’t you noticed, when our actors and actresses say out their lines in soap operas, they talk in parts and sound like they’re singing? The natural tone of words flow like a song.

The alphabet (the old one okhaaay?) is easy to understand and very helpful to beginning reading. Each vowel has only one pronunciation (unlike English, which has long and short vowels, dipthongs, etc etc). The letters are pronounced as how they are read (unlike, again, the English language which as the letter B with the sound “buh”).

Reciting the old alphabet is like singing a song too.

a b k d e g h i l m n o p r s t u w y







I believe that the Filipino subject should not include the other letters. The other letters — c, j, x, z — can be learned as a different language, like Spanish. Why do we have to adapt to Spanish? It’s fine as it is. It’s just my opinion okhaaay. The educators may have some other reason for having a new set of letters and they know better.

Anywho, back to the language. Our melodic alphabet makes our songs cheesy to the bones and I LAVEET.

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